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Technical Finishing Services

Customer supplied paint product was sprayed out on sheets of coated paper by TFS and our sister company cut up the sheets to size and built these fan decks.

We can take the veneer-over-MDF stain samples we make for you and collate sets in any manner that you need them grouped by.
Such as  by wood species,  standard or premium finishes, collections, etc.

Stain samples can be easily added to this fan deck as the aluminum screw post is expandable.

Customer wanted samples featuring their topcoat system that could be sprayed over their premixed interior wood stains and pigmented color system. The white & black samples are shown with their high gloss version of the topcoat.

Customer wanted samples in a fan deck fashion featuring one line of their automotive finishing system.

Customer wanted stain samples on solid pine, oak and maple lumber using customer supplied stains and clear coats.

We procured the lumber and finished faces and edges cut-to-size and ready to mount.

Customer had many exterior stain colors available and wanted a compact 'master catalog' that homebuilders and painting contractors could use to show the entire color palette offering.

Customer wanted a larger version of a fan deck to show their line of colors available for exterior stains and clears.

This particular fan deck shows the Semi Transparent colors on 3 different types of wood and the solid colors are shown on rough sawn Western Red Cedar.

Customer wanted a nice solid maple, dove-tailed box with their laser engraved logo. We also designed the boxes to have a slide-in dust-lid to protect all the stain samples we made for them.

Epoxy floor paint signage display for stores and showrooms. Customer supplied floor paints were coated to 3/16" thick MDF boards and cut to sample size.
This particular card has samples and product information on both sides.

Another store display card showing customer's topcoat product which has samples showing the gloss versions available and also showing how this product is less yellowing than a conventional oil-based finish.

Store display showing stain color offerings that are available, as well as their clear sheen offerings.

The color samples were finished on an Oak & Pine veneer product, cut to size and mounted to display panels.

Customer wanted a solid piece of Oak showing a large surface area of their 2 gloss versions of polyurethane.

We can suggest many stock moulding options or have a custom moulding made.

One of our Kitchen Cabinet customers needed samples of their many glaze-over-stain finishes that are quite popular nowadays.

We had our lumber company pull a profile from one of their most popular door styles and they milled the solid lumber. The goal was to show how the fine glazing highlights “hang up” in the recesses.

Customer wanted to show what the sheen levels look like on their wall paint color offerings.

We matched their paint color and gloss levels and produced the samples using our in-house paint coating system. Knowing full well that end DIY users like to "touch the samples" prompted us to make displays of this nature using a more durable paint product than typical interior latex house paint. Dirt and greasy fingerprints can easily be removed without compromising the integrity of the paint color or gloss levels.

We built these displays from solid pine.
A nice, traditional look versus the plastic-look so often used in today's marketplace.
Versatile too - the dealer can unscrew the ends off of the display, to update the display samples with their new colors.
Then -- slide in a new paper sign which shows the end customer the color names.

Coating manufacturers
We can work with directly with you and/or your graphics / marketing department.
Or ask your display company to contact us and we can provide just the stains and/or paint samples ready to mount.
We also have a few really good Point-Of-Purchase display companies that we can bring into your project.
All our display projects are typically custom-built to give your product it's own unique look.

Our goal is to get you the highest quality stain & paint samples for your display presentation.

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